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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vegas, Part 3

Saturday morning was the first of two early-morning games. Well, early for getting up and to a hockey game, at least. 9AM isn't so early for, say, getting to work. For some. :)

Poor Val was so bleary. Lots of people (half of whom I didn't know) kept coming up to her and saying "hi" and expecting... something. Poor thing hardly reacted. I just told everyone it was very early for her.

This was a wild game. The opposing team was WHOA Arizona, and I'd seen them before, before or after one of our earlier games. There was a classic Hockey Mom there, saying to her daughter, "You tell (other daughter's name) to just push through it. I don't want to see her slacking off." Man, serious much? I had chatted with her a little and went off after Val, who was probably looking for "Cousin" to boss her around (nice to get a little break there).

Well, that mom was there for the morning's game, and when I said something smart-mouthy about apologizing for beating their team in the next game, she didn't even crack a smile. Yikes.

I do believe it was her two daughters that swooped down the ice again and again to shoot. Thankfully, Cara was able to stop enough goals that the Burninators not only won, but ended up with enough of a goal differential to avoid playing the semifinal game that night. They were pretty happy. That much intense hockey is tough, I could see.

I got dropped off near Treasure Island, and met Amy there. This is my friend who I've known for eight years online but never before met face to face. She was exactly what I'd expected, except even more petite. She is sharp, funny, and a great parent. We agree on a ton of parenting topics, and have agreed to disagree on some political and religious ones. I know we both value our friendship very highly. It was so great to meet her and to meet her husband, who was so cute. I was glad for Amy that she got such a great guy. He was really sweet about letting us gab on and on, even though I knew it was taking away from her time with him without their three kids. We had lunch and gambled a bit--her winning $60 and me winning $25, and then parted, with them going off to a show for which they'd gotten "free" tickets (with a one-$10-drink minumum).

I wandered around a bit on the Strip, which was fun, except for realizing that the guys (and women) holding out small cards were advertising prostitutes. Right there on the sidewalk. Yuck. But I did stop to see what various vendors were selling, and overhear a really hard-sell on a timeshare... Vegas is like nowhere else. I headed back for our hotel, and once I'd left the Strip, called Liz. They were on their way to her other-team game, and offered to pick me up. I found an enormous steak-dinner sign and waited under that.

We went off to the game, which was a tough one, and I wandered over to the Dreyer's at one point. Walked in, looked up, and saw Cal women's basketball being slaughtered by Stanford. I exclaimed, and who was right there to hassle me but Jenny B, who shows up at most hockey games with a big red Stanford sweatshirt? Timing is everything. Roomie was there with me, so we explained some aspects of the rivalry--just as they put The Play on the TV. Fun to remember that I was there on the field (at the other end, not in the way of the players).

Buffet and bed, to be ready for the final 9AM game.


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