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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Buy good shoes.

I tend to be cheap in a lot of things (you're all saying, "Don't you mean everything?" No, I splurge on knitting), and shoes is one of them.

But... I bought myself some Keens for before/after swimming, which I generally do twice a week. It's not nearly as fun as crack ice hockey, but it keeps me in shape and forces me to learn new physical stuff, which is hard for me. Anyway, I've had these Speedo sandals with "massage nubs" that have been kinda painful to me from the beginning. I've seen folks wear them after soccer, and maybe they're not horrible with socks on, but with bare feet, not fun. So I finally splurged and bought myself a pair o'Keens for après swim and... Oh. My. God. They're so nice! Lightweight, smooshy but not too smooshy, and even arch support. Why did I wait?

I waited because they were almost $50, which is a lot to me. I think the thing that tipped the scales was the fact that they're nearly $40 less than the Keens my sister and I are drooling over. That, and the no-risk way Zappos sells shoes. Free shipping. Free returns. Good prices. Easy to search by size. What's not to like?


At 4:46 PM, November 23, 2005, Blogger Andrea said...

omg, LOVE my keens. my providence carried me through the urban jungles of australia and i still wear them every day. they're my most favorite shoes.

love my newports too, great in the water and every day summer wear. you will not go wrong with them. i have the bronx too but i eschewed them in favor of the no-lace providence.


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