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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Excellent, Dodged a Bullet #1, Phew, Dodged a Bullet #2

I'm dropping G off at Y-kids and his friend Julia is there, because the Y-Kids from another school combines with ours on holidays. Her mom is there too, and Julia asks if G can come over on a playdate. Julia's mom says sure! G's mom is overjoyed. Playdates rock. Playdates on the day before Thanksgiving rock. Playdates on the day before Thanksgiving, when I'm hosting Thanksgiving dinner, totally rock.

Dodged a Bullet #1
So I've taken off work early and must dash to the hardware store for one last part to prop up the bathroom sink so I have a working bathroom sink tomorrow. I gather things from the house and put them on the sidewalk while I get out the key remote to unlock the car. I hear a familiar clicking noise and turn around to wave good-bye to Jazmin. Wait! Jazmin is supposed to be in a crate while I'm gone! Good thing she jumped up at the window or I'd have forgotten and buh-bye cornbread for cornbread stuffing as well as anything else she could find to pull off the counters.

And I go back in to put her in the crate, carelessly leaving the door open because I'm saying, "Want a treat? Who wants a treat?" and am thinking I'm the Pied Piper. Jazmin is smarter than this, and runs out the open door. For once, I don't have to worry about G's safety, as he's not home, and I race out the door after her, dog biscuits in hand. She is in front of the neighbors house and makes her fatal mistake, looking back. She does her usual slinking "I know I'm bad but I'm NOT coming, I'm having fun" body posture. I break the dog biscuits in half and start chucking them toward her. I have terrible aim but manage to get one close to her. As she's munching on it, I get up to her and nab her collar. This is much better than (a) the time she ran across Buena Vista, which is not only a busy street but is also a truck route, and (b) the time I ended up following her all the way around the block (Maddy happily tagging along, and leading the happy charge back up the front steps that Jazmin stupidly joined). (The damned dog is going to her Forever Home on Friday, and I tell you, it won't be one second too soon!)

Dodged a Bullet #2
So I get done with the hardware store in time to dash to Y-Kids to pick G up at the dot of 6:00 PM, and have brought his booster with me, in case Julia is there too, so he can go home with her. In a burst of brilliance, I leave the booster in the car. The car is close to Y-Kids and if I need the booster, I can easily get it. It turns out that Julia's mom has sent her young college-aged son to get Julia. No way G's going in the car with him. He's never been driven by someone so young. G begs me to let him go with them (out of their earshot) and I stand firm. I didn't want to have to say to him (nor even to Julia's mom) that I don't trust him... so glad I didn't have to go into it.

Now off to vacuum the house!


At 3:44 PM, November 29, 2005, Blogger Andrea said...

wrt phew: and you want our crazy nuts at your house?! hahaha. there's a reason why we call them escape artists, especially zeus.

so graham didn't go with them? what did you do? drive him over yourself? good for you for standing firm AND good for graham to beg you out of earshot.

At 3:51 PM, November 29, 2005, Blogger Jennie said...

Well, if I know they're escape artists, I'm generally smarter! I put them in their crates or a bedroom before even opening the front door.

And I drove Graham over myself (it's maybe 4 mins drive). He didn't know enough to keep quiet till out of earshot; he just didn't realize he could possibly have gone with them till I whisked him away.


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