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Thursday, December 08, 2005

May I have my brain back, please?

I would really like my brain to return some day.

Last Thursday, the gal who does childcare for our church choir rehearsals was just getting over a stomach bug and gallantly wrote that she could come if I wanted (G is currently the only kid), but she wouldn't be nearly as animated with G as normal, and she still wasn't really able to keep food down, but at least her temp was gone. "Stay home, we'll be fine!" I wrote her in the morning.

But as Thursday wore on and I went through kleenex at a phenomenal rate, I realized I was getting really sick. Gargled with warm salt water and even managed to do a neti-pot sort of thing at work, straggled to 5:30 and went home and stayed there, blowing and blowing my nose.

Then, last weekend, I realized with a jolt that I had been out of choir, sick, and had never called the childcare gal to let her know we weren't coming. Since I can't handle having thoughts like that and managing to hold the thoughts till I get to the computer, I didn't email my apologies till this morning. Of course, she just emailed me back and said that she had been sick, too. Duh, of course she was. Whoo, Sunday was quite the blur.

I really wish I'd put one of those "If found, drop in any mailbox/return postage guaranteed" signs for my brain.


At 10:39 AM, December 09, 2005, Blogger heather said...

i hope you get your brain back too. not having one kind of sucks.


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