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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Please, I beg of you, kill me now.

Just got off the phone with Delta Dental, who claim that A) my son must have a subscriber ID to be covered by them (even though I do have a group number and am certain that he is the only G_____ D_____ VH in the entire country), and B) it surely is his Social Security Number. Now, as I am very leery of privacy issues, I only hand out his Social Security Number when needed--that is, for Federal tax forms. Period. So I did not give Kaiser (under whom I got the Delta plan) his SSN. Yet Delta claims this is the only way to look him up. (sigh)

And now am on hold with Kaiser, who claims that, after dropping the Delta coverage for him (since it is worthless and is guaranteed to cost way more than paying out of pocket), his premium will go from $155 to--get this--$170 in January. OK. So I'm dropping a $22/mo dental plan and his premium will go UP $37. What. the. fuck?

I hate. hate. hate insurance companies. Hate them. Hate them.


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