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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A cheater from the beginning

I have discovered NaBloPoMo and decided to do it in part because that other acronym thingy is about writing, like novels, and that is so not my thing. Anyway, why not? Find out if you are truly sick of me after a month. And try not to write about what I had for lunch.

So, here's my cheat: I owe you guys an update on the last two weekends. Oops, three.

See? Totally cheating, from the get-go. Weekend of Oct. 13. Here we go! (anyone else hear Mickey Mouse?)

We had made reservations to go see "The Truth About Cinderella" from Alameda Children's Theater. Every job was done by a child--running lights, sound, accompaniment on the piano, sets, and all acting roles. It was, well, OK... rather a creative script, and several quite skilled actors. One of them played the guy Cinderella really should have fallen in love with and married. He was really quite incredible--good presence, great singing voice, good acting. Cute smile. Amusingly, I ran into him at our church's Hometown Halloween party last Friday--just darting in with other friends from our local boy's chorus. I grabbed him and said how delighted we were with his performance. To his credit, he dipped his head, said thanks, and did not blush. I look forward to seeing him in a future Alameda production.

G asked questions fairly loudly during the show but didn't get too wiggly. I was glad we went. I would like him to see more live theater. What an opportunity, really.

Oh, also, that day, he had no school because of Veteran's Day the following Monday. (I know, as if that makes sense, huh?) So he got to spend the day at Y-Kids and really enjoyed it, as he always does.

He had a soccer game. This may have been the one they managed to tie, bringing their record up to 0-1-Lots. He played well, as he always does, especially in defense. Proud of my boy. Then we did... something that day, and then our babysitter came.

And K and I went out to a party! Friends of hers were having a 5th anniversary party. It was lovely and I had such a nice time talking to everyone. I didn't know what to wear and finally chose my fancy blue dress that's off the shoulders. Apparently, I looked good, because I actually got wolf-whistled while we were walking to Good Vibes as a side trip before the party. Email me if you want to see a photo of us at the party.

It was great fun and we left before becoming pumpkins.

We went to church at K's church. It was great. I sang with her choir and it really turned out well! G made a zillion paper airplanes with the gal doing childcare. Then we came back to the East Bay and I played in my Green game (tie, even after overtime!), and was asked to sub in the Red game. I told Andrea to ask Kyle, as she gets very cold at the rink. Kyle said yes, and I enjoyed that game SO much! Got nice and sweaty and learned a bit.

OK, there's my first NaBloPoMo post. Enjoy.


At 10:32 AM, November 02, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

Back tracking, eh? Totally cheating! Well not exactly I guess.


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