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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's been a while

Weekend update--Friday:
Last Friday, K and I went to the Out and About potluck at Temple Sinai and then to services. The potluck was good (lots of hopping up to get drinks and more food, and G was very wiggly) and interesting. There was a blessing on the challah and on the apple juice beforehand. G was very interested in the challah. It was really good. I had made my huge noodle dish that I love to bring to potlucks because it is yummy and vegan. (At some point, I'll type it in.)

Services were good--different cantor than before; beautiful voice. I was taken aback at the Kaddish that was to be said for those who had died in the past week and for those whose death anniversaries were that week, because my friend from college, Aaron Katzman, was in the list. It was a bit of a shock... very unexpected. He is still very much missed. Rest in peace, my friend.

The next morning was another soccer game, to which we were very late (not sure why), getting there just after it started. G played really well. The team was soundly beaten (maybe 12-0). The coach did a good job keeping everyone's spirits up (including his own).

Then we went home and really putzed around for a while, finally getting into the City for K's church's book sale right at the end. We still were able to get some good books and spent just under $5. (Oops, now Dharma is going to get on me to thin out my books!)

After the book sale, we packed up and headed home. Can't remember what we did that night.

The next day, we headed out early to go to K's church for the services. I really enjoyed it. K had also recruited me to sing with the small choir. Their alto/soprano was very happy to have another voice in the treble clef! She sings like an angel and it was a fun song to sing. G stayed downstairs with the childcare gal the whole time, not wanting to even come upstairs for "the bread and the juice." He made 5 paper airplanes and was quite content.

After coffee hour (and chatting with interesting folks and buying yet more books), we headed home and K showed up soon thereafter. Since Sundays are taxing, she does better with a low-key, restful afternoon, so I set her up in my bed with football on and headed out to a card-making workshop. Unfortunately, I foolishly thought that one hour would be plenty of time (what was I thinking?) and only finished one part (and not well!) of it. But I had a good time and a bonding moment with the hostess, another single mom, when we talked about the balance that we must strike between doing things for ourselves that we love, and doing things for our children that they love.

Headed back home to a sleepy K. Snuggled a bit too long with her and headed out to hockey pretty late... only to hit the worst traffic ever on 880. First, Raiders traffic, then about 4 accidents along the length of the highway. And then when we pulled into the Fremont Ice-o-plex parking lot (it's really Sharks Ice at Fremont, but the other name is more fun to say), I did the math wrong and decided I would get zero ice time if I took time to change into my gear (I was thinking the ice slot was 45 mins, duh! It is always 1:15!), so I left my gear in my car (to G's delight) and just took notes on folks' playing in order to choose a good team. Crossed the freeway to have dinner at Wendy's and Yosh joined us, which was really nice. She and I haven't chatted before, really. (She was our good luck charm last season--we always won when she coached!)

We held the draft on Monday in Mountain View. I'd forgotten how exciting it is--getting players I'm excited to play with, being excited for the others getting players I enjoy playing with, getting to know the players a little bit better by describing them when someone isn't clear on that person. It's going to be a great season! I am super excited about the team I put together. We headed home and I got G right into bed.


At 6:23 PM, October 04, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

Thanks. Lately your blog is just about the only way I know what you're up to, as I hardly see you or talk on the phone. I feel better now.


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