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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Going on vacation is so tiring

I am exhausted. I was up till midnight doing stuff to get ready to go on vacation and then up at 7 and go go go.

Today at noon, I went to the hardware store to pick up a pump switch for my wonderful 1/6 h.p. Little Giant pump. The switch is supposed to make the pump switch on automatically when the water level gets to a certain point. I had gone online and found that it existed, called Pagano's, and asked if they could order it. Got a message back--"We have that switch in stock." Picked it up today and found that there are two versions: one that turns on in 6" of water and one that turns on in 1" of water. I want the 1" one, as, at least for now, the pump will be sitting right on the floor. In the future, I'll probably get a hole made in the garage floor and pop the pump into it, but for now, I need early intervention. 6" of water in my garage is a lot! And the one they had, of course, was the 6" one. Oh, well.

I spent a ton of time moving everything from the garage floor in case it rains and floods while we're on vacation. If you think that wasn't a big job... you must not have seen my garage, ever.

Then I wrapped a present and did some checking online (someone on eBay has the switch, so I'll buy it after I get back, or just before I get back), buzzed by Taco Hell for lunch, and back to work.

Still to do: (sigh)
  • Pack clothes and shoes for the 2 of us
  • Wrap my mom's and Graham's presents (lovely K said she can do this for me, yay!) and pack them
  • Bring my hockey gear inside (it's still in the car, and won't fit anywhere in the garage now
  • Deliver presents to friends
  • Choose knitting projects
  • Decide on black pants (or something fancy!) for me to wear to a party up there
  • Figure out what to take on the airplane/airport (now that I've figured out what I can't take or need to put in the stupid ziploc bag--freaking mascara???)

I have lists everywhere of stuff I don't want to forget. Paper, PDA, recorded on my tiny digital recorder... and invariably, this is stuff I was going to forget 'till I double-checked. Oy! I need a vacation from vacation!


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