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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dreams, and trying to remember them

Just had a dream, and woke up trying desperately to remember it. There were some shocking parts of it, I know, like sleeping with my old boss. Not fooling around, just talking and going to bed kind of we're-the-best-old-friends, waking up again and still talking... but I also was interested in, and kissed, a coworker. But I can't remember who that coworker was! Now I'm thinking it was a made-up one. And the kiss was very disappointing! Mouth too open, too wet, lips very floppy.

There was another scene with a coworker I know well, talking about an upcoming Union vote. She didn't agree with the way the Union was leaning and wanted to vote against it, but felt very uncomfortable opposing this monolith. I, as a representative for The Man, gently told her to vote her conscience. Very weird.


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