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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Great camping weekend, with caterpillars

And more caterpillars, and more caterpillars. And then--Oops! Let me get that one off your shoulder--more caterpillars.

I swear, they must have been in mating season or something. Everything was sprinkled with these little bits, which we later determined was probably caterpillar poop, as G and I saw one fall out of a caterpillar's behind (amazing, since it was nearly as big as a caterpillar's behind!). And they fell out of the trees on everything--tents, table, clothes...

We had a terrific time. I had planned to share only the Friday night meal, but when I arrived, my friend said, "I thought we would just cook at one picnic table. Do you want to bring your stove up?" We shared every meal, and it was so much easier than cooking all the meals just for us two. We had quite a variety of food: instant mashed potatoes (surprisingly delicious), Kraft Deluxe M&C, even Indian food (those easy-heat Tasty Bite packages; had never occurred to me what a great camping meal they'd make!). Saturday morning, she even made pancakes, which I enjoyed with a fried egg. G created new taste sensations all weekend: bread with mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and feta cheese; and marshmallows with syrup ("That's like sugar on sugar!" I said, to deaf ears); as well as other treats. He was quite pleased to be pronounced a chef by my friend.

We had thought of doing a hike but never managed it, but we did get to the Roaring Camp steam train--arrived at 10:45AM and just happened to be right on time for the one 11AM run. We all enjoyed it! The boys liked the train itself and I loved seeing all those woods, especially the redwoods, plus the running commentary, which was really interesting (even if the guy kept saying "blueberries" for "blackberries").

We packed up pretty close to on time and stopped in Felton for fast food. Well, there is no fast food in Felton (found out on the way to the high way that there's plenty in Scotts Valley), but we got tasty hot sandwiches at Cowboy Diner in Felton--highly recommended.

Came back too soon, but it was a fun trip anyway.


At 1:56 PM, October 05, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

Sounds like a great time. Felton is really a cute town.


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