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Monday, March 10, 2008

Our weekend

Friday, we had our usual early day so that I could take off at 3:15 to take G to his LHS class. I take a mini-break at noon to go home and let Lucy out to pee and also pick up snacks or whatever for the drive up the hill. I ended up running into our new gardener, which was good as I was able to hand her a check (rather than mail it whenever I remembered) and talk about future plans. It is so cool to finally have a gardener. She rediscovered this whole corner on the left-hand side of our steps! She also pointed out all the grass seed in it, so I have placed an order for WOW! Supreme that I'll spread there before mulching so that the freakin grass doesn't come back with a vengeance.

G's class went well; he managed to do the tasks this week (they investigated pistons and hydraulic presses), so he wasn't as frustrated as last week, when he just. could. not. figure out the gear boxes they were supposed to build. I, as usual, knat for nearly an hour. I'm getting close to being done with the fronts on my Must Have Cardigan... but that is a matter for another blog.

Saturday, I knew we had an easy morning, so I didn't set an alarm. It was great getting plenty of sleep. I had planned to cut out my pjs that I want to make for our Disneyland trip, but didn't get to it. I did manage to do some needed cleaning, including getting the kitchen counters cleared off, yeah!

Took G to his martial arts and watched for a bit (as he asked) before taking off to run to Longs for some things (holy cow, it is way too easy to spend $75 there). Went back and watched some more, then home for lunch before tennis. (Saturdays are going to be packed for a while.) He grumpily got ready for tennis, which he really enjoyed once he got there. He didn't much appreciate the warm water in the bottle he took; I pointed out he could pack his own chilled water, something of which he's quite capable.

While he was at tennis, I did some more work around the house and knat some more. After tennis, he and his friend W begged to have a playdate at W's house, so we zoomed home for a quick pee (so nice to be past the wetting-the-pants stage) and I dropped him off. It was one of those Great To Have The House To Myself/Missing The Kid things. I went back to pick him up at the 3-hour mark, and W's mother insisted on sending him home with a "piece" (which turned out to be half of it) of "pizza," which is some mystery flat thing that G has decided he loves. He gave me a tiny taste and it was yummy but absolutely mysterious.

We did some more errands, including a run to Albertson's Lucky for the ingredients for dumplings, which I ended up just winging. I found a won ton wrapper package with a recipe for spring rolls and just grabbed ingredients based on it and my memory of the recipe that G had brought home: napa cabbage, bean sprouts (which I forgot to use, which was probably good), green onion, ground pork. From home, we added shredded carrot and fresh ginger. They only had square wrappers, so I slapped them in my pot-sticker press and went at it. I steamed the first set, then, after consulting with Andrea, boiled the next. I decided the boiled ones weren't as good and steamed the rest. G and I ate a lot, but there were like 48 wrappers, so I just kept going and finished all of them. I still had filling left! I put it in a ziploc and froze it.

I thought they were good--as long as there was enough soy sauce. Which maybe means they weren't that tasty. Not bad for a first try, I think. Maybe add garlic next time.

Sunday, I set the alarm for 8:30 after moving all the clocks forward, so that we'd get maximum rest but still be on time to church at 10AM, since my bell choir was playing. We got there at 10:03 :( but it went well anyway. I got a chance to talk to a guy who's interested in our open Software Developer position (if he gets it, I get $500!), and he seemed really enthusiastic and capable.

After church, we headed home and I called a friend to see if our dogs could meet, since I hope she can watch Lucy while we're at DL. She called back and we decided to get together after hockey.

Hockey went well--we tied at 2-2 and it was a very good game. Clean but tough and I really liked playing with Jeannie and Kim. I managed to snag a few loose pucks and move them up the ice, but I tend to move right to the center and then panic when faced with a D--I pop it past her, and, since I'm never faster, I lose it (or have to fight for it in the corner). Well, at least I'm grabbing loose pucks and moving with them. It's all good.

I did get a chance to shoot off of Jeannie's rebound once. I whacked it, it hit Charlotte's stick, I whacked it again, hit the stick, and then she reached down and covered it. If I'd had a minute to think, I would have tried to lift it, maybe after pulling it back. If I'd had a second, I probably would have reached down and thrown it into the net with my glove. That would've been a smooth move. But it's not like I actually think while I'm on the ice.

It's been a great season. Thanks, cap'n! Thanks, Coach!


At 11:55 PM, March 10, 2008, Blogger andrea said...

ahem, you can't just pick up the puck and throw it into the net.

also, the potstickers were good but i usually eat them with (black) vinegar, plus i'm not a fan of soy sauce, just too salty for me.

they were good though, thanks! =)

At 7:22 PM, March 14, 2008, Blogger Dharma said...

Busy Saturdays indeed! Sound a bit packed actually. Glad you had such a good season in hockey this year. Wish I could see you play :-(


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