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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sorry, dude

This morning, on my way from dropping G off at school, I stopped to let a woman back out of a church parking lot. I noticed the woman in the opposite lane waiting with her blinker on, so I waved her to go ahead and turn after this person had cleared the driveway. She acknowledged my wave and started to pull forward as I started rolling a bit, ready to move when she was past.

Suddenly, she stopped and motioned for me to wait, too. Another car emerged from the driveway that I hadn't been able to see. I stopped quickly, and looked in my rear-view to see the car behind me stop abruptly.

The other car went on its way, the turner turned and went into the parking lot, and my lane moved on. At the next light, where I can turn left or go forward one block and turn left, the car in front of me was turning, so I decided to turn.

I heard a loud grunt of dismay and frustration, and checked my mirrors to see Guy Behind Me ranting in his car as he squealed around me. I looked down and realized then that I hadn't been signaling a left turn. Oops.

Sorry, dude, for clearly ruining your morning. I have been that driver, frustrated by others' actions. Today, it was me. Sorry.


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