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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another Idiot Tax payment

I was sick last weekend--maybe flu; who knows?--and I wanted something sweet to eat. I spied our container of cinnamon graham crackers from TJ's, but knew they were stale.

So I loaded up our toaster oven with them, and set them to toast. Next thing I knew, I was looking across at the toaster oven that had a lovely little fire going in it. Not huge, but not small. I unplugged it and left it closed, but it just had too much fuel, and kept burning. I opened it and tried to blow out the flames; no dice.

The 'handles' on the sides of the oven were way too hot to pick up, so I finally grabbed a dishtowel and used it as two potholders (taking care not to drape it over the top of the oven.) Took it outside to the back (concrete) porch and stared at it dumbly. Finally went and got the kitchen fire extinguisher. Pulled the tab, looked at it again, and realized there was a small piece left after pulling the tab (perhaps it needs replacing earlier), pulled that out, and then opened the door and let fly.

Did you know that stuff is a powder? I think I got a lungful. Great.

But it put out the fire instantly. I mean, like magic.

(and it JUST NOW occurs to me that I could have then used my spray bottle to put the fire out, now that it was outside and on a draining surface. Sheesh. As I said, Idiot Tax.)

But the fire had burned long enough to totally warp the door, so buh-bye toaster oven.

And now, welcome new toaster oven. One that actually DINGS (I still can't believe this is optional on any toaster oven!) when the toast is done.


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