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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I love hockey!

which, of course, is not news. Had our second hockey game last night. I missed the first, on Sunday, because my cold was making me feel horrible and wheezy. Was going to skip the second to have dinner with Mom before she sets off on her Bhutan adventure, but we had dinner together Monday night instead, and she was to have dinner in SF and I begged off. And besides, I had childcare for hockey!

So I went, even though I was sure I'd only be half a player with this cold. As has happened before, though, the cold air on the ice does something to my lungs and it was nearly as if I had no cold at all (you should hear me cough today, though, yoiks). I felt like I had a really good game. Played D the whole time and am finally figuring it out. You still get to shoot! But it's from the blue line, so it has to be hard and well aimed (oops). I kept it in on the blue line a few times (yay me!) and had some nice saves, I think. I did wander around the ice a few times, forgetting which side I should be on, and did a little too much puck chasing. But I managed to lift the puck a few times, and got called "Miss Fancypants" by Liz for it (woo hoo!).

The sad spot was that our goalie, partway through first period, managed to dislocate her shoulder (yoiks) and left the game. I thank all the gods that are and shall be that the folks who helped her did NOT know how to reduce it. I'm sure I would have fainted right there on the ice (helmets are a good thing, and not just for hockey). I hope Carroll recovers quickly. She did beautifully up to that point.

And now we wait. 10 more days till our next ice time. Poop.


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