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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It all works out

Just got the fall NCWHL schedule. I'm excited about playing, but started to get all wierded out about childcare. We have a practice this Sunday, and I don't have childcare set up for that. I thought about calling my ex, who has done hockey childcare a lot (and has been willing to), but just didn't. I do this a lot: not calling out of guilt, when actually, they can say 'yes' or 'no' and if 'yes,' will have plenty of advance notice.

So my ex's wife called me last night, to ask for a dog favor today. I'd forgotten that they often do this--we call it Doggie Daycare: they drop Riley off at about 7AM and pick him up that evening, 9 or later (or sometimes, the next morning). Turns out I can't logistically do it tonight, but they also need DD tomorrow, so we set that up. I hung up, thought a while, then called them back, and asked for them to watch G for Sunday's game. It may be a tad tricky, as my ex plays in a local orchestra, which is having a concert that day... but that concert is a skip-and-a-jump from the hockey rink. Might be a walk in the park. (After reading about the concert, we might just attend!)

Anyway, I love it when things work out.

(Addendum: Cool--Google Maps says it's like a 9-minute drive from the concert to the ice rink.)


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