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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Would you like my shoe size, too?

So I call Kaiser yesterday at the end of the day to let my doctor know I've had the X-rays done that morning, so she knows to look out for the results.

I press 1 for English, 1 for adult medicine, and 4 for "everything else." Then I talk to a "Kaiser representative," because they don't want to waste the advice nurse's time on things that don't involve diagnosing etc. Sure, that's fine. She starts asking me my name, home address, day phone, evening phone--they do this because folks try to get advice off a friend's Kaiser card sometimes (I think). By the time we get to my evening phone number, I blurt out that I just want to let my doctor know about the X-rays. She notes that down--and continues to ask me various questions. "Date of your last menstrual period?"

"I'm just trying to let my doctor know about the X-ray!" Yes, she knows, but she's supposed to ask these sorts of questions. I finally remember that I had just got it this morning.

Oy! I should have sent an email instead.


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