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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The ongoing saga of lateness.

So yesterday, we got our second tardy in less than 4 weeks of school. Dang it! Even got a call from the school's auto-dialer. Stupid system first says, "Your student was not in school today." WTF? I dropped him off myself! And of course I panic a bit, thinking, He's MISSING?!? (it goes on to say 'tardy')

So I made a list of things to get done at night (G chooses his clothes, lunches made, breakfast dishes laid out, etc.) and went to bed earlier and woke up at 5:30 AM, which will make some of you gasp.

But hell--it worked! I got G checked in to before-care at 7:35 and was able to get my ankle x-ray done at Kaiser quickly and was at work before 9 AM.

I just hope this keeps working!


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