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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ya gotta read

Got a phone message from a guy today, who turned his Golden Retriever in to the Alameda Animal Shelter recently. Didn't realize it isn't a no-kill shelter, so called me in a panic, that he'll get the dog out tomorrow and needs to place it in a few days.

Um, I work with Labrador Retriever rescue. Not Golden Retriever rescue.

True, if you google "golden gate golden retriever rescue," our rescue pages come up first. But if you read the title, you'll see "Labrador Retriever," not "Golden Retriever," at the top.

I told him there's a very active GR rescue here in the Bay Area, and to search for that. And good luck, as that's very little lead time to place a dog. Especially since most dogs who are given up have something more going on than just "I had to move." Like dog aggression, food guarding, unexplained aggression, house training problems... a little like Jazmin, bless her heart. We're working on it, but she did attack Maddy today at noon for no obvious reason. True, no blood was shed and she stopped as soon as I yelled... but WTF?


At 2:43 PM, September 21, 2005, Blogger Andrea said...

maddy was just being maddy, which is reason enough to attack. scootah, love the guy, but he likes to snap when he's on the couch or if someone wanders just a little too close to him. instant timeout.


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