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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh yeah, I'm a GOOD foster mom

So we got Jazmin yesterday. She's a pretty good dog. Not a lot of obedience training, but willing to learn. She was really freaked when she first got here, which is normal, but I felt for her. She is not nearly the food hound that both my dogs are/were, which is hard for me to comprehend...

But she took to the crate well, sniffing it and going inside it. The first time I shut her in it, she acted like, "Oh?" rather than, "WTF? Open up!!"

So last night, I baby-gated the kitchen and closed my bedroom door to the bathroom so that she could only wander in the kitchen and my room. She settled in the crate for short bursts and then was up again. I let her and Maddy out a few times; the last time, I had to call them in, it being 2:47 AM and me being... well, tired.

She had socked out in the crate yesterday while G and I were trying to nap (well, it was 45 minutes of horizontal rest-ish). So I couldn't understand why she wasn't sleeping in the crate last night.

This morning, I saw why: I'd fed her in the crate the previous night, and neglected to take out the bowl. Not only that, but I hadn't put it very far back in the crate, so it was kind of in the middle. And heavy ceramic. Poor kid!

Yeah, strike me off the Foster Family of the Year candidate list.


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