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Saturday, February 11, 2006


Had an interesting dream last night. I was leaving my house (but it wasn't the house I own now), and turned back to lock the front door. I was pulling down this wide window-shade kind of thing and considered not locking the front door. Would someone really try the handle and walk in? My mom was with me and strongly discouraged leaving the door unlocked. Then I looked to the left and found a really wide opening that wasn't very high. An old mail slot, I decided.

Later, when I was in the house, I went looking for the mail slot on the inside, supposedly to see if any mail had come through. I walked past some boxes, down a short hallway whose floor wasn't finished yet (it looked like sheetrock. on the floor!), and found--first, a gorgeous master bedroom. Shiny polished hardwood floors, 2 big closets, and a really nice view out of huge windows. Wow! Then I went slightly farther down the hallway, and found a huge living-room kind of room, with several leather couches in it (and I said, "I knew I had more furniture!") and more polished hardwood floors and plenty of room for a pool table.

Pretty obvious what I would like, eh?


At 10:47 AM, February 11, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

You don't really want to me interpret this do you? Oh well, you get something anyway.

The first paragraph/setting is very interesting. Says a lot about the difference in perceptions between you and your mom. Things about trust, and the fact that there is always a way into a person's home, ie, there heart.

The second part is about wish fulfillment, about where you are with your house and where you want to be. You are working very hard on on making your place more liveable and this dream shows your yearning.

Okay, your hour is up. Please leave the check on the desk before you leave.


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