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Friday, February 03, 2006

The kid's shaping up.

I started the quarters thing--actually coming into his aftercare just after he arrived on Monday & Tuesday--and it's working well, I think. He's earned 3, 3, 2, and 2 quarters. He just doesn't like to cooperate with cleaning up! So he loses a quarter for that.

And as per usual, he wants to take the money he's earned and buy a $19.99 jack-in-the-box. (It's Curious George rather than a clown, so that's good, but $20?) I started figuring out how many weeks of perfect behavior that would take, but it made my brain hurt. I'd match funds with him, as I've done before, but I think $20 (or even $10) for a jack-in-the-box is stupid. And it really scares him! (rolling eyes)

But I am pleased that he is behaving way better than before. That's worth $2.50 right there.


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