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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'd like to change my answer.

Last night, as I pushed things around my living room and swept and swept and swept, I realized I'm changing and improving my environment because I'm feeling really good about me. Not so much because I have all this extra energy.

It feels really good to change my environment for the better. I'm finally getting caught up on laundry and that is really good, too. I have had things hanging around in my bedroom from 2 trips ago and am going through the pile and sorting things out and getting them out of there, and it is so freeing.

I'm not completely satisfied with the living-room layout, but it is much better than it was. Before, you sat on the sofa and kind of looked sideways at the TV. Ridiculous. Now, you relax on the sofa and look right at it. Since that's what I tend to do in that room, this is much better. I have a feeling I'm going to spend more time in that room now, which is good. In fact, I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy spending time in my house, period, more. Which is excellent.

So... it's all good.


At 2:56 PM, August 09, 2006, Blogger wen said...

That's great! I agree that shaping up the house can be really energizing and freeing. (And sometimes, it can also be exhausting!) :)

At 3:15 PM, August 09, 2006, Blogger Andrea said...

sweet, i'm coming over! =)

At 3:45 PM, August 09, 2006, Blogger Jennie said...

Cool! You can help me move my bed!

(Thanks, Wen. It really is good... and sometimes tiring!)

At 8:08 PM, August 09, 2006, Blogger snarfdog said...

I'm not coming over - I'm kidnapping you and bringing you here. My house needs freeing. We might have to make a wide detour and pick up Wen too - I hear she is also good at this decluttering stuff.

At 11:24 PM, August 09, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

You are doing such great work honey. You are inspiring me.

At 9:53 AM, August 10, 2006, Blogger Jennie said...

Snarfy, it is easy to do this with someone else's house. No emotional attachments to stuff or guilt hang-ups. Hey, this could be fun! Graham would probably love to help, too.


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