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Friday, November 03, 2006

Good vacation = tired vacation

I'm sitting in a living-room area of a timeshare resort, surrounded by other people using laptops as well. There are four of us and four laptops, but not because I suddenly own one: one of the others has brought two. (I have no idea why.)

I'm bogarting K's laptop to get my daily blog in. I think I have one more previous weekend to blog but I'm going to go ahead and document today and yesterday's exploits, a.k.a. How We Got Here.

A friend of K's secured a timeshare slot for several of us and I jumped at the chance. I needed to do a night or two away from G to start him being able to be away from me so that I can go to France for 2 or 3 weeks (still not sure) in April. In order to have this time, I talked to Nancy, my ex, weeks ago. Just recently, though, she called back and said she'd realized she has a nighttime work thing Thurs, so I needed to call Dharma and Wyatt's Mom for pinch hitting. They kindly agreed (thank you!) and I sent out the long, all info email.

I have done pretty well, really. Only had a moment of panic once, when K asked me if they all had keys. I thought so but couldn't remember in recent memory getting one to Dharma. K pointed out they had her cell phone number and would have called if there had been trouble.

G set out his own parameters: he didn't want to sleep at home. He wanted to sleep on their floors in two blankets (later revised to a sleeping bag). He wanted Maddy to come along (which meant packing up food and a freshly washed bed as well). He wanted to bring along Beary, his Build-A-Bear-ish bear.

I'm hoping things are going swimmingly. Right now, he should have been picked up by my ex's spouse and is presumably eating dinner. We are going to grill salmon (and trout for me!) in a little while. First, though, a trip to the spa with champagne in a bit. Yay!

Oh man, now I'm thinking about my little guy. Must... concentrate... on... adult... things!

(Oh, and we went to the local yarn store for a bit and I got out of there for only $20. I'm making Odessa for K! Yeah, I know, knitting content, boringforsome.)


At 10:38 AM, November 04, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

Yes, your boy did just fine, but actually slept in his bag on the bed in my office.

RE: Odessa for K. Finish the damn socks first!


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