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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Weekend of Oct 27

K played with our Bell Choir at church that night (thank goodness for childcare at choir practice) and it was so great! She got to share music with the gal I used to share music with, who is a great musician and very kind and helpful. Then she took G home to put him to bed and I stayed to practice with the choir, as I was playing a flute part to Amazing Grace that Sunday.

We had a movie date! I called all around for babysitters last-minute and got no one, but then remembered finding a parents' night out thing at a gym in Emeryville. Hunted around, and found it! Called to sign up and then scurried to get all of us there by check-in time.

Then we practically strolled over to the Parkway for pizza, snacks, and a movie, "Man of the Year." I thought it was OK, but that some good parts had ended up on the cutting-room floor. If you watch it, let me know what you think!

Saturday, K went to work and I took G to his soccer game. It went fairly poorly, with our level-headed coach kind of losing his cool, unfortunately. A loss is not unusual for this team, but lots of players weren't playing their usual level of play. shrug. So it was a little discouraging. Then we went to the fabric store (for black cloth) and a local toy store for a toy sword for my costume as The Man In Black. G brought his purse and bought himself a cute ladybug clip toy for about a buck, handling the whole transaction by himself.

We spent the afternoon lazing around a bit and with me getting my costume together--black pants, black satin shirt (borrowed from K), large cloth tied around my head, another strip for a mask (They're quite comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.), and my black boots with just the tops turned down.

At 3PM, I reported to the church's kitchen to help cook the food. The head cook was incredibly organized and had several copies of a spreadsheet of who was to do what, and when.

(aside: Maddy the dog is asleep near me and just had a series of sleepy-barks in her sleep, and is now wagging her tail endlessly. So cute!)

We got started and then one helper had to leave on an unexpected errand. The other helpers arrived, though, and we got things together smoothly, ready just in time for folks to arrive and eat. K arrived in a wild black wig and terrific Dracula cape and really disturbing teeth! She almost didn't recognize me (I'd also added a small mustache with a black makeup pencil), so points for me! I served dinner and then joined her. The chicken was terrific! (It has traditionally been quite dry, no matter whether you're early or not.) K had one of the portabello mushrooms and declared them terrific. I didn't taste it, as I am not a mushroom fan.

I dashed back into the kitchen to serve our "witch's hat" desserts (pumpkin ice cream from our fantastic local ice cream store, Tucker's, and a chocolate-iced cookie with a caramel Kiss affixed with orange spray icing), then rejoined K for the fun of the talent show, silent auction, and haunted house (yes, I did scream once). A great night.

Sunday, I was really nervous, as I was playing handbells at the beginning of the service, and then flute with the anthem. G came with me to the rehearsal and made so much noise, agh. A fellow handbell player so sweetly and kindly asked me if, possibly, he could go sit with a friend while we played, as she did find him distracting. Light bulb! It actually hadn't occurred to me but was a necessity!! He sat with a friend for that and for me playing flute. What a relief. The handbell piece went well (I made two small mistakes) and Amazing Grace went perfectly, after me completely losing my place in a solo part at the end during rehearsal. The power of prayer, folks, I'm telling you. phew.

After church, I got ready for hockey and packed up plenty of stuff for G, as he had to sit through a game (subbed in Red--and they tied, again!) and a practice (Green--not bad but maybe could have been tougher). He did great and I got sufficiently sweaty. :)

There ya go. More tomorrow. Night, all.


At 8:24 AM, November 06, 2006, Blogger heather said...

you really need to get a digital camera. those outfits sound great.

and, i DO want to see man of the year. i'll be sure to write about it when i get around to it. ;-)


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