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Sunday, July 08, 2007

And yet more vacation

My uncle and his wife (I know, she's my aunt and she is sweetie, but I'm still getting used to her being my aunt) set up a celebration of my mother's birthday this year, like we did last year. But Mom declined. So there were these two weekends at the cabin, all set aside, and my sister and I talked and thought, Hell, let's go anyway!

Then it turned out that the first weekend was the weekend we'd be back from the Lair, and the second was, well, last weekend. Another weekend of being away on Saturday. But... a cabin. In the woods. With my sister and a selection of her kids.

So I made plans to go. Got to work early on Friday, got some stuff packed Thursday night and had a list (oh, aren't you surprised) and got some stuff out, found a friend who would take the dog, took a super-short lunch, and picked G up early. And he was so full of attitude that I called my sister to cancel. His eyes got big and stayed that way for a long time.

Luckily for him, my sister had caught a stomach bug and had left early, but left a series of things for me to have/eat etc. out at the cabin. So she was a little panic-stricken at the idea of us not going and finishing those items (e.g., sheets in the dryer that needed to be folded, dishes in the dishwasher that needed to be put away, perishable food that needed to be eaten)... and, I say again, a cabin. In the trees. 1/4 mile from a lake. Restful, beautiful, near a charming little town. So we went. Hit some traffic on the way out of town, but fairly smooth sailing the rest of the way.

Turned out to be mostly a stay-at-home-and-relax weekend. Which is fine with me. G wanted to go to the lake, but futzed around and watched (cable!) TV and, as I told him, made his choice with his actions. So we only went to the lake for a bit Saturday late morning, I had a little shoping time in town, and I got to relax and knit and watch some movies (why didn't someone tell me I'd already seen the sequel to Ice Age?). The lack of internet at the cabin was only a small annoyance--after the lake time, we went to the library, which (having been scoped out by my sister) is the only local place with free wireless. So G got to read books (one of which I looked up and reserved at our library), and I got to check on my email and surf the web a bit, in lovely air-conditioned coolness. As we left, G asked, "Why do you choose to go to hot places?", confused about why anyone would leave a lovely air-conditioned library before it closed. (Even with the lure of ice cream? His resolve weakened quickly.)

We found the ice-cream store after only 4 sets of misdirections, then I asked where one would find a bead shop. Right up the street it was--and the lovely woman there, who talked a bit about "our home" and then finally said "my partner--she" after a bit. I thought that was my gaydar going off! I explained my need for stitch markers, and she kindly took my selection of beads and made me some lovely stitch markers right then and there, for a grand total of $3.02 (when I've spent $6 on 1/3 as many).

We did have to brave some nasty coming-back-from-Tahoe traffic on the way back, but it was worth it for a mightily sweaty hockey practice, the best kind.


At 9:24 AM, July 10, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

I was wondering why you were in Nevada City!


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