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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A great weekend

Why is it that, come Monday, I can hardly ever figure out what I did the previous Friday night? I think we got some videos and just had a lazy evening. Maybe that was the evening when we watched Nightmare Before Christmas, which was way better than I'd remembered it, Linda (long ago ex) and I having watched it not long after it came out, and getting bored very quickly.

Saturday morning, we slept in and lazed around for hours. Lovely. Then I got us dressed and out the door after I called and found that the hall tree I'd spotted at Salvation Army was still there. It had just made my heart stop, so I thought I really should get it. I'm so glad I did. Dharma's coming over tonight to help me clean, I hope enough so I can move it into place.

I think it is just lovely. Of course, two sweet guys loaded it onto my car at SA, and I drove slowly home, hoping and hoping my neighbor would be home. He was! He is so sweet. He also noticed that it is VERY tall and helped me to avoid smashing the top against the doorway (thank God).

That afternoon, I had to be at church at 4 for our dress rehearsal, and I've been late so many times lately, so I aimed for 3. We got there at 3:30 and I helped prep the dessert plates for our "Spaghetti" dinner, which this year was a "TV Dinner," serving lasagne instead of spaghetti, and the chancel choir doing TV theme songs (which really was quite fun), and the bell choir doing a PDQ Bach piece (sounds classical but is full of silly tunes snuck in) that was very fun--and we did a great job, thank God, as this piece has been a bear. I have stretches of measures where I don't play a single thing, and then measures where I play all or almost all of the four bells I'm in charge of.

Sunday, I threw together a short 2-minute talk on Jubilee USA, which I'd learned more about at Asilomar. I was so nervous, and felt like my voice went into a total monotone, but about five people approached me and thanked me for speaking on the topic. After church, I declared it was Yardwork Day, and G got into it right away. He found his work gloves, I found mine, and he decided he was going to trim the wisteria that was growing across the front steps. I watched him for a while with the trimmers, but he was totally safe with them (he always has been with scissors, so it shouldn't have surprised me). So I started trimming the lemon verbena (yummy smell!) and pulling weeds. He finished with the wisteria and decided he wanted to pull weeds, too. (No, you can't have him.) We pulled some weeds from the area between the walkway and the driveway, and then moved to the brickwork, which had become overgrown with 3' high weeds in some places. We filled the green bin and mutually decided we were completely done.

Then we decided to bike around and look at garage sales... except that my bike and the trail-a-bike were still at my work. So we got our helmets out, put them in backpacks, and walked the mile to my work. He decided he wanted a cheese stick before we set out there, so I got him set up in the break room and got the bikes hooked up. We ended up biking seven miles that day! Didn't find any good garage sales, but I found a box of free stuff that included two glass clamp-top jars (they keep the bugs out, which I really need, as opposed to mayo jars, which don't). G was not satisfied, so after some discussion, we went to our local toy store, and he bought two toys with his $4.65.

Relaxed with Sky High and had a good evening.

G woke up Monday morning, sobbing for "another day of no school." Soon enough, honey, soon enough. (Countdown to June 14 is on!)


At 7:00 PM, June 10, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

So did you move the piece into place yet?


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