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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's already Wednesday

It is so easy to let a few days go past with no blog update. Well, we had a quiet weekend, really, staying in PJ's until moment's before G's soccer game, in which he played disinterestedly and listlessly. I don't know how to motivate him in this game. It's getting frustrating. Oh, well.

Went back home and changed and regrouped, and headed off to the office with hockey bag and some videos. G showed a lot of initiative and spent the whole time working on past homeworks, which he turned in on Tuesday. I got some good work in and then we headed off to a friend's near Oakland Ice, where he got to play with a 19-month-old boy and watch a few videos. I went to Oakland Ice and skated my ass off (but it came back, dammit). Great, fun practice that one of our own organized, renting the ice and gathering players, and recruiting her hubband to coach. One of the things we practiced (and were uniformly bad at) were passes from the corner to take up, as a breakaway. I'd never done a drill like that before, and it was totally cool to use it instantly during the scrimmage. Really useful, hard drill--great!

Gathered up the kid and headed home, only to stay up a little late watching videos/TV. Got up late on Sunday, moving slow, and ended up skipping church altogether. I don't mind if it was my plan all along, but I hate that sensation of wading through molasses.

Put in a few more hours in the afternoon (G again working on homeworks and a little origami instead of videos) and then headed out, Mud Pie and palmiers from TJs in hand, to a church-dinner-group pot luck. It was hosted by a couple who are older and they had such a hard time with G. He perched on the edge of their pond and they were sure he was going to pitch right in. Then he discovered their glider and was rocking just too hard for their comfort. I mean, nothing he could do was OK. Made it a little tense for me. We won't be able to host a dinner at our house because of the stairs (mobility problems), but another couple offered to host at their house and let the kids play together (they'd gotten a babysitter for their kids, who are older than G). I hope that one is easier. If not, I may beg out of the group.

Came home at a reasonable hour and got some feltable coasters knitted. Which was more fun than you can imagine. LOL


At 6:51 PM, May 02, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

Sounds like a nice fairly simple weekend. Nice change for you.


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