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Friday, May 25, 2007

Things that drive people crazy

I wear my watch on my dominant hand. It just feels wrong on my left wrist, but it makes people nuts anyway.

Sometimes when I'm having trouble sleeping, I'll push my pillow down and sleep with my head at the foot. I'll have to go without covers or do something creative, but even though I'm careful, makes people nuts to see me sleep "wrong."

I drink decaffeinated coffee almost religiously, during the week at least. I also occasionally drink caffeine-free coffee. And thus starts the chorus, "Why bother?" Well, decaf at least has a small bit of caffeine. I can really tell the difference when I go without. This powerful drug, dangerous to handle in its pure form, can really affect you when you cut it way down or out entirely. I once drove back from Portland with a friend with only the use of one Diet Coke. (11-12 hr drive; she'd just run a marathon and I didn't want her to drive.)

As Bill Cosby once said, "In closing, I close."


At 9:03 AM, May 29, 2007, Blogger wen said...

yes, it's funny what bugs people. :)

i wear my watch on my dominant (left) wrist. i think my mom didn't realize that when she put it on me and sent me off to school. :)


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