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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The state of the Internet

After a lovely evening with a guy I met on, I mused, If this guy and I don't happen to get together again (for whatever reason), what if I could have another evening like that, maybe even with someone right here in Alameda? (He drives up all the way from Campbell.)

So, on a whim, on Craig's List "Casual Encounters," I describe the evening, emphasizing the parts I liked, and asked, Do you fit into this scene?

I go and take a shower... and return to no fewer than THIRTY emails from guys, all promising they could fit into that scene. All complied with my insistence that they not email photos of their schlongs (eew), but a few pushed the limit, with towels or pants tugged down a little. Oy!

I am laughing. (And yes, I totally pulled the ad.)

On the other side of the coin, I answered an ad in Arts & Crafts, selling some nice quality Rowan yarn and two Rowan knitting pattern books, all for $50, whereas the Rowan books normally go for around $25 each. Turns out someone else was ahead of me in line and bought up what she had, and the other yarn she had, while high quality, wouldn't work for me. The senior lady on the phone was really very sincere and clear on what she was offering and that she wanted to be fair--and when she called back to tell me the original things had been bought, was very apologetic. Very, very sweet.

I just love the dichotomy.


At 10:14 PM, July 29, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

Damn I wanted to read the ad!!!!!!!!!

At 10:44 AM, July 31, 2007, Blogger The Can Opener Kidnapper said...

I wanted to read the ad too! DAMMIT!

At 11:50 AM, July 31, 2007, Blogger Jennie said...

(I'm happy to send it to anyone who asks. Warning, it's risque--very for some, not so much for others...)


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