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Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was listening to my therapy sessions the past few days (she requires that I tape them; I used to write notes, but she pointed out that it distracted me a lot, which was true), and I noticed that I sounded a lot happier in December/January than I was feeling this week.

"Hm, what's going on?" I thought. Well, first, G had another 'episode' on Saturday, where he absolutely refused to cooperate for the photo-taking at our church for the directory (so much so that I thought, "Geez, has he got ADHD now?" could. not. stand. still!), and then turned over every chair in the next room as I tried to choose a photo of us to use, and then scram.

Much later, he said to me that he hates to smile for people he doesn't know. This explains his less-than-stellar school photos lately. I kept sending him back for retakes, as he has had great photos in the past--so photogenic! sigh

Then, also, I realized that although I had made plans to go to a memorial service for a wonderful man from our church who died suddenly Saturday night, I'd kind of forgotten that it was a memorial service. For someone who'd died. Suddenly. Way too soon. And such a great guy!

Somehow, it helps to remember that I have a good reason to be sad when I'm sad.


At 7:42 PM, April 15, 2008, Blogger Dharma said...

It does help. It really does.
I'm sorry honey.


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