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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Even stumblers can change the world

Just got off the phone with our PTA president. I'm counting fundraiser money at lunchtime today. She asked if I was coming to the meeting tonight. Meeting? Turns out it's already time for another PTA meeting. G had such a good time last time, he said he definitely wants to come to every one of these.

She also mentioned that they were going to provide pizza at the meeting. "I need to call Domino's; they're providing free pizza for us about every other month."


I stammered through an explanation of why using Domino's is a bad idea, second-guessing myself the whole while--I know this gal's environmentally aware, as that has come up before, but am not sure at all if she's politically in line with me. "Um, they're anti-choice!" Is that even a word? I think I made it up. Then I went on to say that they are majorly funding the Proposition 8 campaign. She didn't even know about Proposition 8. Huh? I guess I've just been surrounded by it and it never occurred to me that folks wouldn't know about it. So I stumbled and stammered through an explanation of Prop 8 and what it would mean, and I'm so happy to say she totally backpedaled and decided never to use Domino's again. Phew!

I pointed out that Little Caesar's always has pepperoni pizzas for $5 a pop, and offered to pick some up, on me. She demurred, pointing out that the PTA has money, and folks to pick pizzas up. Please don't tell me LC has bad politics, too!

Well, at least we won't be patronizing Domino's at our school. Phew!


At 11:38 PM, October 01, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Rock!!!!
Speak your faith,
live your faith!
I'm grateful!


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