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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And we're back to that personal responsibility thing.

McCain is quoted on the radio today as saying that the fundamentals of our economy are at risk (a bit of a change from yesterday or the day before, when he said the fundamentals of our economy are sound, um, huh?). He blamed the troubles on the greed of Wall Street.

OK, yes, that was a problem, but what about the people who signed for mortgages with Stated Income, mortgages they didn't have a prayer of paying back? Having been through the system twice, I know you are handed a sheet of Facts about your mortgage that tell you what the rate is, and when it will change, and how high it can get. It's written right there in front of you.

What about that? That, and the unethical mortgage brokers who arranged the mortgages for these folks? And the investment brokers who arranged the "tranches" idea of bundling some good-quality loans with less and less and finally complete-crap-quality loans into a big chunk, and selling slices of that to investors? What about them?

I blame all of them.

And here's McCain campaigning for less regulation. Yeah, that's really served us well as of late.


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