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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A pretty good day

High points of today:

--Getting a 0%/12 months/no transfer fee credit-card offer, which I really need for my credit-card balances.

--Finding whole-wheat pastry flour in the freezer, since I threw out my last batch because it smelled bad ("woo!", I know!)

--Taking my car to the mechanic and getting out for $118 total

--Finding out my program does, in fact work, given good input.

--Lunch with a friend that was yummy, not too long, not too short, fun, and a good heart-to-heart.

Oh, and WOO for getting back into the hockey league!

I'm not even going to mention the low points. They are meaningless after the above.


At 2:44 PM, November 20, 2008, Blogger snarfdog said...

Woo hoo! You're coming back to play. Which team are you on?

At 7:55 AM, November 27, 2008, Blogger Dharma said...

Sounds like day full of FTW.


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