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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Frantic Weekend that Worked

Saturday was a day doomed to failure. Initially, I had blocked out time to attend a CPR review at our local pool, as mine is out of date. That was about 10-1. I have no idea what G was going to do during that time. Read?

After that ended ("1 or 1:30"), we were going to jet out to Rockridge BART and take a bus up to Cal to attend the end of the Lair of the Bear barbecue/reunion. That ended at 2:30, and we would grab the bus again, and be late to a "Faithful Families" barbecue at our minister's house, which was to be the first get-together of the season for a families-with-young-kids group that would meet monthly. Then, at 7PM, meet up with a friend from out of town and others from an email list I'm on.

Are you out of breath yet?

Here's how it really went down: I never did call to reserve space in the CPR class, so I gave up on that and took G to his regular martial arts class at 10. We were late, but I dropped him off and went to Trader Joe's to do some refrigeration-unnecessary shopping (cereal and crackers) and headed back to do a little more knitting while he finished his workout. From there, we drove to North Berkeley BART (we were early enough not to worry about the parking lot being full, plus Saturday parking is free, yay!) and BARTed up to Berkeley. We moseyed up through campus, G amusing me by holding his free "Cal" sign up high and chanting, "Go Bears! We hate Stanford!" all the way.

We arrived at the barbecue just as it started, and lo and behold! they had plastic cups of a particular frosty beverage I know and love, but which is usually not seen on this "alcohol-free" campus. Ah, Budw!eser, how do I love thee? A cold beer on a hot day is a thing of beauty. We got some burgers and settled down to enjoy them. G enjoyed a bean-bag toss game while I wandered around and talked to people I recognized. We also gathered some outdated Lair-wear that they were selling for "whatever you want to donate." I'm sleeping in a nightshirt for the first time in forever. (It says "Bear Naked," which is amusing, since when you're wearing it, you're not.)

We waited until the end to see if my dad would show up and say hi ("we might be able to get over there," he says on the phone; um, don't kill yourself for an opportunity to see your grandchild, dad), but no dad, and no call on my cell. Whatever. G begs to be able to go in Strawberry Creek, which is disturbingly opaque. Fine, but just for a few minutes. We meander back down the campus (didja all know Cal is sloped downhill?), talking about anything and everything, pausing to rub the Bear's nose for luck once again. (Must have worked; they beat Colorado State!)

We spend a bit of time in Games of Berkeley, a great shop, and I pick up "Set" for my niece. (I find out later that they own it--so why do I have a note on my fridge to buy it for her for Christmas? Dang it.) G picks up another Klutz book, this one on knots. Seems useful to me, so I spring for it.

We head back to Alameda and, despite leaving the barbecue at 2:30, don't arrive till 4PM. (I think we meander and shop quite slowly.)

The barbecue is lowkey but we get some good planning done for the year. I agree to set up a Yahoo! Group for it, so we can have emails and a calendar. G does surprisingly well playing with the age-diverse group of kids, all girls. We help clean up and head over to the restaurant.

We were not terribly hungry by the time we arrived there, but it was so great to see my friend from New York and lots of other local friends. G plays with the two young kids (again, surprisingly well). I wonder at their choice of "Hide and Go Seek" in a restaurant, but they enjoy it while we all get to talk.

After heading back from the parking lot for G's knots book that he left in the front of the restaurant, we go home to collapse.

We sleep well but wake up late, rushing to get to church by 9:30AM for bell choir rehearsal. After rehearsal, I make copies and plans for teaching Sunday School and get G ready to be an acolyte for the service. (When it rains...!) Everything goes off without a hitch, except for G going back into the service to "carry the light of God out into the world," when they light their flame-thingies and extinguish the candles, but that's not my responsibility, so oh, well.

There were several options for things to go to that afternoon, but we nixed all of them and hung out, except for a few errands, ending with some Jamba Juices for each of us at our new JJ joint.

At the end of the weekend, I kinda wanted yet one more day. But when don't I want that?


At 3:35 PM, November 02, 2008, Blogger Dharma said...

Could you want that because you pack so much stuff into two mere human days? Geez honey.


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