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Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Things I Hate About My Memory

Honestly, if I rent this movie one more time, thinking "Oh, I haven't seen that yet," someone's gonna die. How do I not remember I've seen it three times now? I mean, it's good the first time...

We had a pretty good weekend. Finally one that was long enough for me; it was G who fell asleep sobbing, "Is it Sunday? I need one more day! Can I stay home from school tomorrow?"

I had a bunch of folks over from the 'moms' list, to meet a lister from out of town. I worked really hard to get the house semipresentable (but neglected to deal with the pile of junk on the porch; oops), and my friend Supee showed up early/on time and did some more well-appreciated straightening. I pondered adding the second leaf to the table, but you have to use the legs to support them, and I just could not deal. We had only enough chairs for the adult butts that were coming, but it worked out OK in the end. It was great to see everyone, and folks at work are very appreciative of the leftover dessert today.

I got us off to martial arts/the dog park nearly on time, and Lucy had another great day at the dog park. It was Great Dane Day, which seems to come once a month, so I got to get my big-dog fix from all these graceful giants. I hadn't realized they "only" get up to about 140-150 pounds on average. I thought they were closer to Mastiff weight (180-200, I think). The owners were all crazy about their dogs. If I'm ever willing to deal with the short lifespan, I'd be so happy to own one.

Lucy got some good running in, mostly chasing a GR named Jake, who was chasing a ball when he wasn't distracted by Lucy. She did some growly but appropriate dog play and got thoroughly tuckered out, including some swimming (complete with the splashing as she did the first time! She did get better, though).

There were several dogs in supporting roller thingies that day. I hadn't seen that many ever but I saw three, I think, including a male pug who has a tumor in his spine. He dragged his feet and had little dog shoes, probably because of the abrasion. Poor lamb, but he seemed quite content to be there and moving around.

After I picked up G from martial arts, we went to this Fall's Color, where I was surprised not to be so tempted. I was sure I'd be stricken with the urge to buy tons of spinning fiber. (I was also surprised to see lots of yarn... somehow, I'd envisioned it to be just for spinning fiber.) I picked up some black/silver wool/silk that I hope I don't mess up, but that's it.

At home, I made some Halloween cards, mostly as invitations to G's friends to our church's Halloween party this Saturday night. Last year, they came to our house and we walked to the church together. This year, I'm in charge of the silent auction (just found out Sunday; I'd signed up to be on the committee, and was away the last 2 Sundays, so she put me in charge, ha!), but I'll delegate last-minute things to my committee. I knit two things and made a fabric book for it and am considering making some kind of candy (English toffee, maybe?).

G played a lot of Nintendo DS. I'm going to institute a new policy where he has to take a break every hour. This was too much.

Got to church too late to sing, dagnabit. I'm going to work harder on this next Sunday, as I really do want to sing there. But we were early, so it was nice to settle in (and find out I was leading the Auction team!).

After church, we gathered up the invitations, the stamps (borrowed from a friend to make the cards), and movies to go back to the video store, and headed out. We delivered one invitation to his best school friend, then went to the Friends of the Library book sale. Drove around for easily half an hour trying to find the Officers Club on the naval base... I had been sure it was out on the edge, with a beautiful view of the bay. Not so. It's nestled almost in the middle of the base. Lovely benches and woodwork, but no view at all. G and I gathered more and more books, with him lugging around a bagful and me trying to cope with my ever-growing armful. In the end, we managed to pack them all into a box and paid just $5 for the box. (And we'll be weeding out 1 book per book purchased to make room for them.) G got a wacky book about How To Be A Space Alien, where they quiz you on what you would choose on Earth to look 'normal.' He read it for the rest of the day.

I did the first big load of dishes from Friday (I have to call the dishwasher repair guy; I'm sick of handwashing dishes) and was hoping to get some cooking done, but didn't get there. Didn't even get menus written out, which I'm hoping will help us (esp. me) eat more healthfully. I did manage to achieve my goal of two veggies at dinner (edamame and green beans), and G forgot that he doesn't like fish and ate the baked sole I made him and had seconds and thirds. All of this was from the freezer, as part of my attempt to use the food we already have on hand.

Last night, I watched Wings of Desire, which I'd found on the 99cent shelf at our video store (the selection changes every week). It's been a while since I've watched an art film, or one in another language (the last one was Pan's Labyrinth). This one is both, and took a fair amount of concentration. I did like it in the end, but wasn't crazy about it. Peter Falk (!) really was great. The director did interesting things with color for the film. 4 out of 5 stars.

Onward and upward!


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