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Monday, December 22, 2008

My Day Without A Gay

Recently, some activists suggested that folks disappear en masse from their jobs on one day, so as to make clear the effect that queer people have on society. I'm guessing it's sort of a follow-on to Harvey Milk's speech, in which he says he wishes that the next day, everyone gay would wake up colored blue. It would be obvious who they are and how darn many there are of gay people.

Well, I did consider it briefly, but realized that my workplace doesn't need this sort of waking up. On the contrary, I've always felt completely welcomed as my whole self here. I've dated men and women while working here and no one raised an eyebrow. Similarly with becoming a single mother by choice. Nothing but love and support for my whole self.

So I decided that what I needed to do was to tell them that. I approached the president and asked to talk to him in his office (as it seemed a little too serious for an office hallway conversation). I told him flat-out that I knew it was that day*, and I was here at work, because I did feel valued as a whole person here. Then I went to the General Manager, the president's wife, and said the same thing. (We had hugs. She and I are like that.)

*ah, here's the irony: it wasn't. It was the day before. I really do need to keep a better calendar.

I do feel lucky to have a good job, at a thriving company, where I can be myself. And wear jeans every day if I want to. (Or dress up to freak them out if I want to, too.)

Plus, I never did think Robin Tyler's "Calling in Gay" thing was all that funny.


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