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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Saluting the Sun

A link from a friend's blog sent me to a site that describes yoga poses, often with accompanying photographs. Perusing the website brought me to a step-by-step description and guide to doing the Sun Salutation. Which brought back a memory...

In 1990, I went to Vancouver, B.C. for the Gay Games. I was playing soccer at the time and my team was, as I like to call it, the dysfunctional Lesbian soccer team. Someone scored a place with plenty of bedroom space and a kitchen, right on English Bay. I ended up there with C, whom I didn't know very well. She taught me how to do the Sun Salutation, and we did it together. I loved it. I'd never done any yoga before and its flow appealed to me. It was a very special time, a good bonding moment between us.

Sweet C would eventually date, move in with, and then marry my ex, N. That trip was the beginning of a warm and sweet friendship between us that continues to this day.


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