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Monday, February 22, 2010

So proud of my kid

Last week, G told me matter-of-factly that he needed to write a two-page paper on "someone in the Olympics, and I have to draw a picture, too." Instant panic. When is it due? "I'm not sure. But the Olympics are on Channel 3, Mom."

Uh... we don't have cable hooked up to our TVs, and the one that has a digital antenna, between the signal and the digital antenna dying, I've found the Olympics to be unwatchable. I asked online and folks pointed to streaming Olympics coverage. OK.

Nudged him about it yesterday, and he looked panicked. Said it was due Tuesday, to his P.E. teacher. I sat him down at my computer with some video footage of Shaun White (he'd said he was interested in snowboarding, and Shaun White popped up first). G really got down to business--I was impressed! He asked to read some information on Shaun, so I found an informational page. He took notes and wrote a first draft, then asked for help in typing it in. He worked independently for a while, then asked me to review his paper. There were only 3 errors that I saw... but when printed out, it was only 1 page. I made a note at the bottom that it had been two pages written out and that he had typed it in himself.

Then he settled in and drew, freehand, a picture of Shaun from the informational page. It's really good! And now, he's all done; it's in his (new, indestructible) Take-Home Folder, ready a day early.

How far he's come!


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