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Monday, March 01, 2010

Stitches West report

My sweet friend Rabbitch got me into Stitches West for free, having written me down as a "vendor." The only problem is that I'm a hard sell--people would walk into the booth and I'd practically accost them, shoving yarn in their faces and pushing them hard to buy anything they showed interest in. Ah, well, good thing I'm not in sales!

She sent me home with massive amounts of her yarn, Oh! so gorgeous.

Here's one:

"Cryptic Notes"

and here's the sock today. Still loving it. This is lovely yarn to knit with--smooth and bright and gorgeous in its depth of color. I am so happy with my choice for the pattern, and how the yarn is not pooling but kind of doing a subtle striping.

Poseidon, foot started

And that's Lucy in the background, not having been successful in her quest to kill herself yet. I do wonder where the Tibetan Yak Milk chewie went, the one I bought yesterday and left with her just for my hockey game. There is no sign of it.

More yarn pr0n later.


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