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Friday, May 04, 2012

Our new beach cabin

I have always wanted a retreat, a beach cabin to go to to get away, regroup. I considered mountain cabins, but I really love being near the ocean. And now, we have found our beach cabin.

Last weekend, we spent a night at the Hostelling International hostel at Montara. I made the reservation in September, when I came across the page for the Montara Lighthouse yet again and realized that I had been waiting for the "perfect time." No time like the present! I paged forward in their availability calendar and found a free night for the double-bed room in early December, and booked it.

It was heavenly. All the amenities of the beach cabin, without the high rental/timeshare cost, and with the added bonus of social opportunities for outgoing me. Cozy room with a beautiful beach view, perfectly adequate in-room heat, bathroom & shower right outside our door, and shared only with the other 2-bed room. The door is locked with a combination, so no key to lose, but security is there. The main house has two kitchens with two refrigerators each, and a fully stocked kitchen (save things like oil/butter, which we will bring more of next time!). There is a sizeable dining room with 3 differently sized tables to eat at (plus a smaller one in the kitchen itself), plus a couch-filled "living room" area, where I set up my spinning wheel and spun for a while, while G played on his iPod Touch and read. Lovely. The main house is heated with a pellet stove, which produces plenty of heat while seeming to use a tiny amount of what looks like rabbit food.

The people who work there were helpful, sweet, and understanding (I managed to do something to the shower-handset-holding thing and she managed to fix it and not make me feel like an oaf!). The grounds are lovely...


I never posted this, which I started last year, but I want to get it up. When I re-figure out how to insert pictures, I can do that.


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