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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letter to Barbara Boxer re: TSA pat-down searches

Dear Senator Boxer,

I understand the TSA have approved pat-down searches for children. This, with the full-body scans on scanners that have the capability of storing and exporting scans, goes too far--and doesn't protect us.

With the flimsy hiring protocols for TSA scanners, offering constant views of passengers' nude bodies, including those of their children, nauseates me almost as much as the idea of my ten-year-old son enduring a pat-down search by a TSA employee with a questionable background.

We're giving up so much liberty to gain so very little. We need to instead look at the scanning and profiling techniques in use by Israel. Their techniques are vastly different and highly effective. They are also similar to those recommended by Gavin deBecker in his book, "The Gift of Fear." Theirs is a more sensible approach with better training of screeners, who would be hired with more exacting standards.

Let's move FORWARD rather than BACKWARD! Having a stranger grope my child in front of me is not moving forward. It's moving backward, to the age where one never talked about child molestation because it could embarrass the MOLESTER.

I am a constituent of yours who has supported you for a long while now. Please be worthy of that support. Thank you.


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