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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hate and love

Saturday before last, G was driving me SO insane that by the time my friend picked me up for our "spa day," I was ready to leave him in the house anyway. Thank God for babysitters.

But lately, he's been a delight. Last night, I left him alone as I went to my water polo class, with a list of instructions and a timer set to remind him to get ready for bed. As I arrived home, he was in bed, pajamas on, teeth brushed, and reading a book. So wonderful.

This morning, he asked me why oil makes a rainbow pattern when it's on top of water. I love explaining things like that to him. He asks me all the time who invented things--often things that are so remote, there is likely no named inventor.

I bought vinegar at Costco last night (I use it in my laundry--it helps un-stink my hockey gear), and we started talking about vinegar. He said he'd learned that if you put a leaf in vinegar, after a while, it turns brown. "And why is that?" I asked. "Because it's a weak acid," he replies. I hugged him right there in the Costco line.

I love my kid! (But ask me again tomorrow.)


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