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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So much sadness this week

I Facebooked about our dog's trials this week, and how she is affecting our household. My son is upset by the things she's destroyed, and I'm affected by his sadness as well as her pacing. I ended up shutting her out of my bedroom night-before-last, as the mild tranquilizers the vet had suggested did not do enough. Thankfully, I got a good night's sleep last night; I guess her gut is finally comfortable.

(I did get gently woken by the sensation of a small dog burrowing into the covers at my back; our little Chug, Chester, had decided the front room just wasn't warm enough any more and had come to sleep with me. I was dreaming a Corgi was digging into the clothes at my back until I woke up enough to realize it was Chester. I smiled and went to sleep after he turned around and settled into the warmth.)

At church, I was still so down on Sunday that I nearly asked for a prayer. But prayers about one's pets, when others are dealing with cancer, unemployment, and health concerns, seem so secondary. So I prayed quietly.

After the service, I noticed a fellow choir member was really emotional. Her daughter has an ongoing vision loss, and the song we sang, "The Prayer," is apparently an anthem for the blind. "We pray we'll find your light...".

Then I noticed our minister talking to another member on the stairs, who was in tears. I felt like there was just so much sadness in our church that day. I just sent a note to our minister, thanking her for holding all of us up. It must be so hard, and she is so sweet and kind and thoughtful, and such a good listener.

I'm praying that things lighten up for us all, even on this day of Remembrance for those kids who thought that their only solution for being bullied for GLBT issues was suicide. Healing for all.


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