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Monday, November 29, 2010

Wish list, December 2010

New: Sony DVD player with WiFi

Costco has an Indian food cookbook for $9.99 that looked great; they also have the Sudoku Page-a-day calendar for maybe $8.

Any of the dark rovings by WildHare

Drawer handles and cabinet knobs

Some more BE makeup

New subscription to Interweave Knits

Beginner's Lockpick kit (yes, really: I've always wanted to know how to do this)

I love vanilla, lavender, and citrus scents (especially grapefruit)

Gift Certificate to Knit Picks, Elann, Webs, or Little Knits

Eddie Izzard on my TomTom GPS

stocking: cinnamon toothpaste or floss, knitting row counters or stitch markers

We'd both love a water polo ball to practice with (on sale now!) (reserved)


DS games--Spongebob: Truth or Square; Shrek Forever After

Simpsons Page-a-Day Calendar
How To Train Your Dragon boxed set $39.99
The Argyle Sweater Page-a-Day Calendar (Costco; about $9)

stocking: wild berry floss


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