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Monday, December 19, 2005

Now it's time to sit on my ass.

I've gotten past almost all the hurdles. One more gift certificate to buy, locally. Wrap local gifts and I'm done. But for now, today, I'm sitting on my ass. I got all the northgoing gifts bought (or created, as I downloaded 4 albums and burned them onto CDs for one gift--yes, legally), wrapped, packed, and shipped. (well, missed UPS on Friday, so they'll go today. Could quite easily get there Wednesday, God bless UPS.) Oh, and did the two handbell concerts (Alameda Homes Tour 3-hr marathon and Water's Edge senior lodge), the big Christmas concert (handbells, singing, and playing flute)... but didn't get the tree yet...

Taking most of the week off, but at least today, shipping the kid off to childcare. That's why I pay them the big bucks. And he'll have some fun time with his friend J from his preschool, whose childcare combines with ours for the Winter break. And I'll sit on my ass, watch a DVD, and knit.

Aah. Fabulous.


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