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Friday, January 13, 2006

I love our hockey

I was telling a coworker about our game on Sunday, and how much I enjoyed it, and he commented that it seems like a nice group of players.

No, it isn't. It's a really nice group of players. I was just musing on how different NCWHL Green would be if we all were taciturn, way-too-serious players. The biggest part of making hockey fun is the attitude that everyone shares. We're there to play as well as we can but we care

-about folks who might have gotten hurt. We really care about this.
-about folks who just messed up and are feeling bad about it. We support them.
-about folks who are trying just as hard as they damn well can. We encourage them.
-about folks who are trying to mess us up. We laugh together and play hard together.

The refs care about all of this, too. They keep the play safe and let players who need to hear it know that they need to back off a bit.

I've played cutthroat soccer. It is no fun at all even if my skills improved. Not worth it. But skating my ass off to catch up with Cheddah or Andrea or anyone else? Great fun.

What a terrific league and division. Yay Green!


At 1:25 PM, January 13, 2006, Blogger Andrea said...

therein lies why i want to stay in green. that and still no speed or crossovers. yeah, i know red is more competitive, faster, etc, etc but i have logitech for competition and rwc for exercise.

my friends are in green! =/


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