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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's started already.

Was over at Sue and Sarah's the other night, and G said, "Look! A spider!" Of course, I responded, "A real one?" as Sue yells across the room, "Kill it! Jennie, kill it!"

I move something, and there it is--it's a sizeable one. As my mom taught me, I immediately reach over with my foot and step on it. To my utter amazement, my son turns to me, sad and astonished, "But it's a living creature!"

Huh? This is new. (and an interesting follow-on stage from the "Oh, sweetie, look at the pretty butterfly" that is answered with the young child trying to stomp the pretty butterfly to death, for no obvious reason other than to see what would happen.)

We chat about it later, and he again asserts that it should not be killed, as it is a living creature. I explain that in our house, spiders get two chances: I attempt to throw them out windows or doors with a Kleenex. If they crawl right back in, they go down the toilet. (The above was a special circumstance with a terrified Sue who needed protection.)

If he moves on to ants... ugh.


At 11:50 AM, January 04, 2006, Blogger heather said...

bleh. maybe you need to make rules for Creatures That Can Hurt You.

At 12:29 PM, January 04, 2006, Blogger Viv said...

That rules. Go Graham!

My rule is, if it's in my house and it scares me, it dies. Otherwise, it's a living creature, and that most definitely includes ants.

At 8:31 PM, January 04, 2006, Blogger snarfdog said...

I don't invade their homes, they shouldn't invade mine. Prepare to die trespasser. I figure it's fair game if you ever find me in your web (which you won't).

At 1:03 PM, January 09, 2006, Blogger Andrea said...

hrm, i kill pretty much any bugs that come into the house that i can, except for those big giant moths, mainly because they're nice and don't hurt anything and they're more a mess to clean up if you do kill them.


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