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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I got glass!

We were practicing lifting the puck at hockey practice last night, and I managed to hit the plexiglass a few times. Woo!

Then, of course, the coach had me demo (sssshh, Cheddah!) and I could hardly lift the puck at all. I practiced some more, then.... ow, my shoulder! Muscles I don't use that often, I guess.

Practice was fun but not that hard. We did get to scrimmage, though, so that was cool. Things were a little odd in D--we just could not manage to get marks and stay on them. The goalies did a great job, though, and Amy was hilarious talkin' trash--she once did the "name game" song with my name as I was trying to shoot (it was effective).

Boo hoo, no more hockey till March 5, and then that's it for me for the season. Just after I patted myself on the back for schedule a March 10 weekend away and missing no hockey, 2 games were rescheduled for that weekend. Argh.


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