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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now that is stupid.

I got the Citispank Dividend card after SoopahViv raved about it. It's pretty sweet; I get a 5% cash rebate on gas, groceries, and drugstore purchases, and 1% on everything else.

I have been paying off the balance in full every month so as to accrue no interest charges. Unfortunately, this involves a silly dance wherein I go to the C'bank website to find out the total balance on the last statement, and then I go to my bank's Web Billpay to set up a payment for that amount less the minimum (it pays the minimum automatically so I never get late charges).

Well, this payment cycle, I forgot to set up the payment. Just checked it, and it's due today. Oops. Poked in the numbers to Web Billpay and the payment set up automatically for tomorrow. That won't do.

So I go to the credit card website and try to do their fancy schmancy Click To Pay. Glitch: your first time doing Click to Pay, you can only pay the minimum due or $1000, whichever is greater. My balance is more than that.

"Fine," I think. "I'll just call and do the payment." I call up and enter my account number in full twice (WTF?) and finally get a human on the phone... and its a fourteen-dollar charge to do any payment by phone.

That's a fourteen-dollar charge... to pay them. They are charging me money... to pay them.



At 10:02 AM, April 04, 2006, Blogger Dharma said...

Welcome to citibank, the home of my first credit card that I still have because no one else in their right mind will take me on and give me $3k in credit. Sucks doesn't it. Honey just set it up so Citi takes the money from whatever account you want it to come from, that seems like a ridiculous amount of work you have going now - it's free.

At 11:05 AM, April 04, 2006, Blogger heather said...

wow, that's the dumbest thing i've heard today. but it is only 11am, so i've got time to hear more.


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