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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lambtown without lambs?

I had seen some info on Lambtown U.S.A. somewhere, thought it would be fun, and made plans to go there. First asked my mom, spinner, dyer, and weaver; but she had a hot date with an old family friend somewhere boiling hot. Then I mentioned it to Dharma, and she was very interested.

We got closer to July 28, and then I had a date scheduled for the night before. Dharma said she'd love to spend the day with just the two of us, so I scrounged around for solutions. Asked my uncle if he could take G from Friday night till Saturday afternoon, late. Sure! -and then, Oops, no, he had early-morning plans. Next, emailed a friend whose stepson is only here for summers and Christmas: nope, they were going on a trip on Saturday. So I called Parents Night Out for Friday, and Dharma's TGF watched G for Saturday.

Friday night was... great. Had a good meal at a local pub, and after, when he said, "What would you like to do next?", I invited him home. It's been like 20 years since I've had sex with a man, a figure that still has me checking my figures. Yep, 1987, my college bf. I seemed to remember what to do and I thought it went swimmingly. The boy's depression seems to have kicked up since then, so I don't know if we'll get together again (we're clear it's just casual, anyway), but I do feel like my eyes are opened. Sex = good. Awesome.

Saturday, the boy and I slept in a bit, so we arrived at Dharma & TGF's about an hour later than we had planned. Dropped him off and we headed out to Dixon. There were some adult sheep, a few happy to be rid of their big fleeces, others darned ready to be sheared. Many natural-colored fleeces to be drooled over (oh, man! Some of those rich browns!) and alpaca yarns and fleeces, too. I made Dharma sit down and spin at a spinning wheel for a bit, but unfortunately, I had spun first, and my crap yarn kept breaking and we kept having to retrieve the end and rethread it.

We both bought some yarn, I bought a couple bags of spinnable fiber, and Dharma bought some cute Coke bottle-cap magnets for TGF. I couldn't resist some magnetic necklaces that were 3 for $10 (I'm wearing one today!).

It wasn't too hot when we got there, just a little bit, but whoah it got seriously hot by the time we left (records say 95 degrees). We loaded up on lemon sorbet and walked back to the car, which I'd parked at the first marked parking lot, rather than drive all the way in, because I'd thought it would be so crowded. Hmph! The thing was less than half the size I'd expected, and no baby sheep to be seen.

Sunday, the boy and I got up too late for church (wait, maybe Harry Potter really is the tool of the devil!), so just lazed around. Late afternoon, I got all packed up for hockey, and we still ended up leaving late. Managed to get dressed in time to warm up a bit (which always makes a difference), but failed to warm up my brain: our coach basically explained how to play hockey after my first shift. Whoops. It seems I've forgotten some. Had a good game, though, winning 4-2. I do loves me some wins.

Afterward, someone said "International House of Cod," and of course we had to go. Paulus lit up when he saw us (he is so sweet!) and we sat down to some tasty food. (I highly recommend the Chicken Florentine Crepes.) Val was on a tear, amusing the rest of us while driving Andrea batty. Now that G can be trusted around her, he wanted nothing to do with her, unfortunately. We headed home and still went to bed late. Oh, well, good weekend overall.


At 10:35 PM, August 02, 2007, Blogger Dharma said...

It was a wonderful to spend that time with you. Really.


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